14 de enero de 2017

Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle CERTIFIED

Our team of brand expert authenticators does a thorough and detailed authentication of every item that comes through our doors. Each item is authenticated by an expert in that particular brand. Most resale companies have one or two authenticators that evaluate all of the brands that they sell. Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle recognizes that with authentication, the devil is in the details. There are nuances particular to each brand that necessitate that we curate the best and most skilled authenticators for each and every individual brand that we sell.



Karen Martinez


14 de enero de 2017


Our handbag care specialists inspect each item that comes in from top to bottom. We recognize the importance of examining all straps, hardware, clasps, corners, inside linings, and inside each pocket for possible damage to the bag. When buying on the secondary market online- we appreciate that you trust our care in this process. Most of the bags that we sell have no damage whatsoever and some are very close to new condition. However, we take care in fully disclosing any damage that we find, if any.



Valeria Añasco


14 de enero de 2017


When buying on the secondary market, it is helpful to know the provenance or ownership history of a particular item. Most of the bags that we sell are purchased directly from a luxury boutique by our clients. However, we take note of provenance to make sure that the bags that we accept come with a clean bill of health.


Sales Chief Director

Agustín Startari