What you need to know

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Shipping worldwide

The transport of the items purchased at Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle will be done through a courier company.

Delivery times will generally be a maximum of 20 working days, except in the USA and Europe, where the period will be 9 working days. These terms may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each order, such as the availability of the chosen product or the shipping area. Likewise, in exceptional circumstances said period could be altered by extraordinary incidents in the carrier or by difficulties in the delivery of the merchandise. In these cases, the delivery time can be up to 30 working days (USA and Europe 12 days).

In order to avoid incidents in delivery (wrong addresses, inability to find someone at home, etc.), it is essential to correctly fill in the corresponding form and it is mandatory to fill in the box related to the contact telephone numbers.

Shipping to a Business

We will ship to your place of employment, after verification. If you choose to ship to a business, please provide the Company name and contact phone number.

Combining Orders

Ground & Express: Two or more orders may be combined into a single shipment upon request and approval. If the items are located in different Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle​​​​​​​ locations, we will treat as separate orders and ship separately. 

International: Unfortunately, we are not able to combine international orders as each order requires an individual commercial invoice. 

Information for International Buyers/Suppliers



Destination Customs in your Country

Custom requirements are different for each country. Please learn about the Customs processing for your Country. Customs clearance issues may cause delays at destination. You, the buyer, are responsible for any and all custom duties and/or taxes that apply. We indicate all items as used and declare the value. We also declare that the item is purchased merchandise. We can not declare as “gift”.


Destination Custom in the United States

When your previously owned (used) luxury items are shipped to Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle​​​​​​​ for consignment or buyouts, they are subject to inspection and possible fees/taxes. Please declare as used handbags and/or accessories. The U.S. Customs charges duties and/or taxes and are based on percentage of declared value. At times after inspection the government may assess a higher value. Because of the increase of the charges that are assessed and the random charging of these fees, Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle must pass some of this cost to you, the supplier of these items. Вoυтιqυe 🆂σнσ Ѕтyle​​​​​​​ will split the tax 50-50 with you. We will provide scanned receipt of payment and deduct 50% of the amount from your payment.


International Currency information

We do accept returns as stated in policy for international shipments. However because of the fluctuation of all countries currency the refund will be made in US dollars or Euros just as we received in US dollars or Euros. We make no adjustments for currency exchange for returns. We do not refund shipping costs.